Empower to Empower

Empowering Educators : Empowering Children


Beginning her career in an unqualified, volunteer capacity, Catherine has enjoyed growing her personal and professional knowledge in the areas of Early Education and Life Coaching. Having spent the last decade in leadership roles of early childhood services, the struggle of quality and dedicated educators has been evident.

Sourced as a director who had the ability to recognise and lead passionate educators, create company culture that educators sought to be a part of, and provide mentoring which has seen professional relationships last years, Catherine is dedicated to supporting Educators empower themselves, and therefore the children in their care.

Empower To Empower has been designed to provide simple, yet effective strategies to assist educators to find their happy place, both personally and professionally. If there is a particular challenge you’re facing, feel free to contact Catherine at your next convenience.

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As a Centre Director, Catherine held many responsibilities, but what I remember the most is the way she prioritised the emotional wellbeing of her staff. Catherine genuinely cared about each and every one of us. It wasn’t for the profit or reputation of the Centre, she simply wanted to help in any way possible. This extended to Catherine taking a genuine interest in the personal lives, career progressions, health and families of her staff. Six years later and I am still working as an educator, but on the other side of the world to where I began. Six years on and I am still lucky enough to consider Catherine a role model, mentor, confidant and close friend.


As an owner and educator of an early childhood setting, I understand the importance of having inspirational mentors. Catherine and Kristine from Developing Dreams have been that support for myself and my team throughout our first years of operation. I believe that the best leaders are passionate about developing those around them and this is what Catherine and Kristine have done for me and my team. Over the years, both Catherine and Kristine have mentored me, from when I was a student on my final practicum many moons ago, to now a qualified Early Childhood Educator, Director and Centre Owner. They have helped me strengthen my communication skills, critical thinking skills and leadership skills, allowing me to grow both personally and professionally. It has been a privilege to work alongside Catherine and Kristine. I have learned a lot and am grateful for the time I have had with them. Through Catherine’s coaching, I have learnt how to critically reflect as an educator and individual, and she has taught me how to better my skills personally and professionally. Over the years of working with Catherine and Kristine, they taught me how to balance work, enabling me to improve time management, be flexible and find my inner inspiration and passion within the early childhood sector.