Empower to Empower

Empowering Mothers : Empowering Children


Several years ago while Directing a long day care centre, Catherine had four mothers come to her, two in tears, and two on anti-depressants. The contexts differed, but the feelings were the same.

Despair, isolation, exhaustion and doubt.

Mothers require emotional support in the form of a safe space and simple strategies which promote feelings of alignment, clarity, purpose, and satisfaction in their role. They also benefit from a tribe or network of mothers who can provide them with encouragement, support, motivation and vision, when this cannot be found alone.

This is why Empower To Empower was created. These coaching sessions designed uniquely for mums uses Catherine’s Life Coaching qualification to provide strategies and awareness to improve the quality of life and relationships. As a mum of a 18 and 25 year old, having worked in the early childhood profession for over 20 years, as an early childhood educator, director, and current Centre Owner, Catherine has a passion for helping others feel great again. She is a contributor to Kidz On The Coast magazine, is always up for a chat, and loves to discuss personal growth. Feel free to pop her an email, visit the Centre or give her a call if desired.

Empower To Empower holds 3 FREE empowerment sessions for mums during the year. This is our way of giving back. We can’t wait to help you Develop Your Dreams!

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I highly recommend taking the time to participate in this course. It has bought so much awareness into my life that has helped and encouraged me to now life consciously and with intention. My relationships with everyone are now intentional thus making my life much happier. Genuinely Happier!

I just want to say thankyou from the bottom of my heart for running the Intensive course. You truly have made me see life in a whole new light.


Mondays session was just the motivational embrace I needed!

‘I’ve put a few little changes into practice this week and already see changes in the kids and feeling more like ‘myself’ each day. I read your book on Tuesday and can’t wait for next weeks session.


Monday was amazing and ive already taken positive changes away.


Whoot Whoo……I’m ready and champing at the  bit!! Can not WAIT to get started…so excited!!!


Thank you so much for having me at the meeting on Wednesday night. It was well worth the drive 🙂 i can’t wait for the next meeting.


I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity. I’ve always felt very welcome and my opinions valued. I love how open and authentic you both are. Guests that you have had have been great too. I like hearing about different perspectives and alternate ways to live and better your life. THANK YOU!