Meet Catherine and Kristine

You’ve come across our place of Dreams – welcome and thank you!

Developing Dreams was established in 2013 by us, Catherine and Kristine. We are two mums who met while working as early childhood educators over 15 years ago. A friendship soon formed, and with children ranging in age between 12 and 25 years of age, we’re certain you can imagine how many of our conversations during this time revolved around parenting. We felt fortunate to have a group of friends – all in the early childhood profession – who were supportive and invested in being the best mums and educators they could be, but as time progressed, these conversations become less about our group of friends, and more about mothers and teachers in the wider community.

  • Did they have someone to share their journey?
  • Did they have the support they needed?
  • Were they loving their roles, or merely surviving?

We know children are the future (kudos Whitney) and we also saw how rapidly the world for children was changing. In light of this, how could we best support the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of young children? The following was our answer:

  1. Create a unique early learning centre which focuses on the wellbeing of all who entered
  2. Provide support and empowerment strategies for mothers
  3. Provide support and empowerment strategies for educators

Utilising almost 40 years of early childhood teaching, decades of parenting, and Catherine’s Life Coaching Qualifications, we have combined our experiences, knowledge and passions, to provide opportunities for mothers and early childhood educators to gain the skills, qualities and dispositions necessary to empower themselves, and therefore the children they are caring for.

We look forward to having you join our Community of Dreams. Visit the Early Learning Centre, Empower To Empower Mothers, or Empower To Empower Educators for more information!