Kristine and Cath! The perfect balance. I am lucky to have worked at Developing Dreams for the last 4 years and proud to say I was their first employee. Here I have witnessed two great leaders in their element, empowering women, children and those lucky to cross their path. Developing Dreams is a value driven, community-inspired and passionate Centre. Kristine and Cath have made it their focus to ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable to be themselves while exploring their uniqueness. I thank myself that I came across this dynamic duo and their passion for emotional wellbeing, empowering mothers & educators, and of course inspiring children to explore their DREAMS.


Developing Dreams is just the most beautiful centre. I have known Catherine and Kristine for almost 13 years and the Centre is an absolute credit to them.


I have never felt so comfortable and happy to go to work, where relationships with staff, children and families are built with respect and care. You make me feel supported and part of the team. You and Kristine are an inspiration to me, and help drive my passion to finish off my studies to become the best educator I can be. Your centre and staff are evidence of the quality of teaching and learning you provide. I am privileged and very proud to be a part of Developing Dreams and the commitment you have to the children, families and community.

I want a front row ticket to the Educators Empowerment Day- where do I sign up? 🙂 hehe


I worked with Catherine for about four years. Catherine was one of the most supportive directors I have had. She showed care and concern for the staff’s professional development. Cath inspired educators to think critically about their words and actions and how they might affect others. Cath has always emphasised the importance of educators having a clear idea of their intentions and acting in a way that reflects these intentions.

Every time I have visited Catherine and Kristine’s Centre – Developing Dreams – I have noticed the calmness and that the children are always engaged in stimulating activities and interactions. I believe this calmness could not be achieved without Catherine and Kristine’s genuine care and support for their staff, families and children.


I have been employed at Developing Dreams for over two years now and it has been a great, supportive and friendly work place. Kristine and Catherine are awesome directors and always strive for the best for children. They not only support the children, but the families and employees too. It has been a pleasure working for Developing Dreams and I am excited to see what the future brings!


I firstly wanted to let you know how much Grace enjoys preschool. She is so excited every Friday and just loves it so much. It is wonderful to know she is in such good hands. I  also wanted to tell you that the Friday that Sarah wasn’t there, Grace told me that she missed Sarah so much and that “Sarah is in my heart”.

Thanks again for providing such a wonderful environment and such caring staff.


I chose Developing dreams early learning centre for my daughters pre-school years as they are a small family friendly centre with extremely dedicated and caring staff. The staff go above and beyond to care for the children and families alike and I am so grateful I made this choice for my daughters early years. We will both miss them dearly this year as my daughter starts primary school.


Thank you so much for not only caring for our boys over the last 3 years, but our whole family. The genuine “how are you going?” is so truly appreciated. We love that you take the time to greet every single person every morning and afternoon. Thanks for the laughs, the friendship and the absolute best possible centre for our family.


Our two children have been attending developing dreams for sometime now and we have had nothing but a positive and wonderful experience. The staff are wonderful in every aspect of our children’s development. They love and care for the kids as if they are their own. The children love everything about the centre from the staff to the adorable little bunny they have called Minty. The physical, mental and emotional support they supply is second to none. A beautiful place for the kids to grow and learn. We feel very blessed that our children have such a wonderful and safe place to go to.


So grateful that both my children got to learn and grow at this beautiful centre. Your love, passion and commitment to each and every child never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. This centre and its amazing staff helped sculpt my children into the incredible humans they are! Thank you for all you do.


Catherine & Kristine are so supportive of the parents & families not only that attend the centre but of the greater community. Offering multiple events throughout the year which are free for all to participate in and the content is phenomenal. (These amazing women know what they are talking about).

Thank you, Developing Dreams for being such an amazing part of my families world.

The teachers always get involved with the children’s interest, whether it is animals, dolls or monster trucks, there will be an activity created to support it.

Every day is a new educational adventure & it is very clear that the teachers love what they do and each child is just as special as the next.