As an early childhood teacher and owner of an early learning center, every day provides me with an abundance of opportunities for discussions with mothers. These are some of my favorite parts of my day! I am fortunate to gain insights into other people’s lives, beliefs, challenges, rules, traditions, habits, hopes, dreams and more. Can you imagine the richness this contributes to my own parenting? Selfish of me, I know!


Not only do I engage in conversations with mothers spontaneously, but in the context of formal discussions too. These interactions are for many and varied reasons, from children’s behavior, to mums emotions, from school readiness to socialising. The list is endless as mums navigate this meandering journey of motherhood, but there is one topic I pose in each meeting, which is directly aligned with the one question every mum needs to ask: What is important?


Mothers are faced with a multitude of challenges every day, including sleep deprivation, loneliness & isolation, loss of self, lack of validation, exhaustion and more. What I find is often one of the biggest hurdles for mums however, is the pressure, angst and undue criticism they place on themselves. Querying problems such as healthy eating for children, appropriate sleep routines, which extra-curricular activities their children be should be undertaking and at what age, what battles should I be fighting, how to discipline and so on and so forth.


Queries are going to arise as your child grows, this comes with being a mum! So how do you know what is the best decision for your child? How do you bring peace to the decisions you are making every day?


The one question to ask yourself is ‘what is important?’


What is important could be expressed using different language, such as knowing what you want, what your goal is, what the purpose is, or what your intention may be. Knowing what your goal is and why – in any area of your life – is essential to decision making. When planning a holiday, you must know what you are hoping to get out of the holiday to best decide on your location. Are you wanting snow and snuggles, or beaches and relaxation? Are you wanting to catch up with friends or time spent alone? Are you holidaying to make new discoveries, or to research new properties, or to return to a safe place? The why of your holiday must be determined before you can venture off in the right direction – what is important about your holiday?


This concept can be related to parenting and is a strategy I return to in almost every workshop, conversation or communication I have with mothers. What is it the mother is desiring and why? What are her hopes for her child? What is her intention for the mother she wishes to be? What is important?


Without certainty around these questions, her responses to child related decision making is left to be impacted by a thousand different influences – often the opinions of other people. Unfortunately, this can lead itself to uncertainty, feelings of non-alignment & unease and most importantly, decision making that is not suited to each individual child and parent.


The benefit of discovering your personal ‘why’s’ and what is important, are incomparable!

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Enjoy, Catherine.